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Cerberus: A Top 30 US Creative Agency That Gets Results

April 8, 2020 @ 2:00 pm

Cerberus has been recognized as one of the Top Digital Marketing Agencies In The US for its ability to create positive, results-oriented outcomes for its clients. This ability to practice these Top Strategies To Boost Digital Marketing Conversion Rates has distinguished the firm as one of the top US creative agencies known for its results.

In a recent article published by BestDesigns.co, Cerberus was named as one of the Top 30 creative agencies in the US (ranking 21 on the list) that translate design into business success for its clients. The following excerpt is from that article:

According to one study, businesses with a strong design identity outperform those without by 219% on a stock market index. Still, another research study revealed that consumers and B2B partners see companies’ website design as a primary indicator of their business credibility. Investing in design may be costly, but the benefits are worth it:

  • > Good design increases the perceived value of products and services
  • > It builds a strong brand identity 
  • > Products with a good design need less time and money for marketing efforts as 72% people admit that design influences their purchase decision

Cerberus is an internationally recognized full-service advertising, digital, design, and media agency located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Aside from earning astounding returns on its clients’ investments​ ​over the past 11 years, Cerberus is recognized by industry leading voices as a creative leader in the world of​ ​advertising, both offline and online.

// Lürzer’s Archive Issue 6/2018 and 2/2018 – 5 Published Works // Lürzer’s Archive Top 200 Packaging Designers – 4 Published Works (2015/17) // Print Magazine’s Regional Design Annual (2012/2015) – 2 Published Works // Logo Lounge Book 7/8) – 2 Published Works // American Association of Advertising Agencies’ National Competition – Silver // American Association of Advertising Agencies District 7 Show – 3 Gold

Cerberus Listed As A Top Digital Agency for 2020, 4 Times

April 8, 2020 @ 1:50 pm

Cerberus Agency was recently recognized as a Top Digital Agency for 2020 three times by TopMarketingCompanies.com, an independent agency ranking platform that shares its rankings for the best digital marketing agencies from the U.S. and around the world.

The full-service branding, advertising, digital, and design firm based in New Orleans, recognized for its work and presence as a digital marketing agency, was ranked on three of the site’s digital agency rankings lists: Top Digital Marketing Agencies, Top Digital Advertising Companies, Top Digital Agencies and Top Social Media Branding Companies.

“We’re happy to make the list as one of New Orleans’ top digital marketing agencies for 2020—three times,” said David Rhoden, Digital Art Director. “Our entire team is super talented and works hard at our craft. Cerberus’ commitment to building great brands in the digital space shows in every project we take on,” Rhoden added.

Social Media Support and Account Support contributor Emily Bonura added, “We view social media as one of the most important channels for our excellent brand development work.”

In 2019, the agency received similar recognition by making the Best Digital Marketing Agency and Best Digital Agency lists.

Cerberus Named A 2020 Best Food and Beverage Branding Agency

February 15, 2020 @ 10:58 am

Cerberus, an internationally-recognized, full-service branding, advertising, digital, and design firm in New Orleans has been recognized as one of the Best Food And Beverage Branding Agencies of 2020 by TopBrandingCompanies.com. The agency ranking firm categorizes the best branding agencies by their location, size, and hourly rate.

“We’re extremely pleased to be named as one of the Best Food And Beverage Branding Agencies of 2020,” said Justin Bonura, Partner and Creative Director. “We’re proud of the work we do, and thankful to our team and to our clients for trusting Cerberus to help create branding worth loving on their behalf,” Bonura added.

In 2019, Cerberus was recognized as a Top Branding Agency and Food Packaging Design Company by agency aggregator DesignRush. 

Clutch’s 5 Business Tips For February

February 5, 2020 @ 5:36 pm

Cerberus is pleased to help contribute to Clutch’s Business Tips for February, written by Kristen Herhold, Senior Content Developer & Marketer, Clutch. Link to the full article here.

Tip 4. Conduct Market Research

You might love your company’s branding and product, but if consumers don’t, you risk losing business.

Cerberus Agency, a branding company in New Orleans, helped a local seasoning company with a major rebrand, including changing its name and recipe based on market research. It also updated the company’s advertising, marketing, and packaging designs to better fit consumer needs.

You need a product and company that appeals to consumers…

David Rhoden Joins Cerberus

January 22, 2020 @ 10:28 am

Cerberus is pleased to announce that David Rhoden has joined the firm in the position of Digital Art Director / Developer. His duties include working with agency leaders to help create and implement successful web development and digital efforts for a varied list of clients. In addition to his contributions on the digital side, Mr. Rhoden also brings his expertise and more than twelve years’ experience in design, illustration, and animation to Cerberus. 

Prior to joining the agency’s internationally recognized creative, David worked on renowned brands such as AT&T, Crown Royal, Smirnoff, Dixie Beer, and the U.S. Army during his time at Sanders\Wingo in Austin and MRM/McCann in NYC, among others.

Mr. Rhoden earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee and holds a JD from Loyola College of Law, which we think is pretty fuckin’ awesome.

A Big, Fat Five-Star Review for Cerberus Agency

January 21, 2020 @ 1:39 pm

Marketing trends move pretty quick, from personalization to visualization, and Cerberus Agency works hard to stay informed of emerging trends. Creating branding worth loving for our clients takes knowledge, discipline, and dedication. Every professional advantage we can help our clients gain over their competition is important. That’s why we sweat the details.

Recently, Cerberus Agency recieved another five-star review on Clutch, a national B2B ratings and reviews platform that bases its agency rankings on comprehensive feedback left by actual clients regarding their real-world, working campaigns. Thanks to our clients and the resutls we have helped them to attain, Cerberus Agency enjoys a perfect score on Clutch. We have a perfect five-star rating from our clients for work quality, schedule, cost, and their willingness to refer Cerberus Agency.

One such client is Big Fat Belly Good Cajun Seasoning, a local spice company that was is drastic need of a rebrand. Not only did Cerberus Agency rename the product, we helped to adjust the recipe, based on our primary market research. From there, our creative team develped the company’s brand mark, print and outdoor advertising campaigns, fully-optimized e-commerce website, vehicle graphics, sales kits, and original packaging designs.  

Our efforts on behalf of Lupo’s Spice Company and the development of the Big Fat Belly Good line of Cajun Seasonings led to an impressive increase in web sales and retail engagements over the first 18 months of the relationship. The agency’s brand development projects proved valuable in helping to get Big Fat Belly Good on the shelves in some major retailers across the South. The growth continues to this day, with no end in sight.

“Results are worth a thousand words. If you look at our website page, you can see how many stores we put in the last year (well over a hundred stores in the first 8 months).” –Owner, Lupo’s Spice Company

Another client for whom we have been able to develop branding worth loving is Pearl’s Seafood Market and Restaurant. Cerberus Agency helped the fledgling company develop a completely original brand mark, environmental graphics, menu design, and a full-optimized, dynamic website and social media presence. Again, earning a perfect Clutch rating of 5.0 while helping Pearl’s thrive in the hyper-competitive market of Slidell seafood.

Pearl’s gained Facebook followers and an increased business exponentially. Additionally, the restaurant drastically increased its Yelp and Google profile results. 

“Even though I felt like we’re just a small seafood restaurant, they corrected me and made me feel important. They shoot for the stars and are really enthusiastic about working with me.” –Owner, Pearl’s Seafood Market and Restaurant

In addition to all the stellar client reviews from Clutch, we’re also featured on Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest as well as a third site, Visual Objects. The Manifest named Cerberus Agency as a top branding agency in New Orleans. This recognition would not be possible without our clients and their willingness to put their trust in our experienced, talented team. The Cerberus Agency profile and portfolio of featured work on Visual Objects can be found here.

At Cerberus Agency, we are thankful to all of our partners who have entrusted us with their business needs. We strive to be focused and disciplined while providing the highest level of service possible. After all, our client’s success is our success.

Check out our Clutch profile to learn more about us or get in touch with us directly.

Cerberus Named Best Digital Marketing Agency and Best Digital Agency In New Orleans

December 13, 2019 @ 10:17 am

Cerberus, a full-service branding, advertising, digital, and design firm in New Orleans, has been recognized both as a Best Digital Marketing Agency and as a Best Digital Agency by TopBrandingCompanies.com.

The online B2B marketplace reviewed thousands of digital marketing agencies worldwide and identified Cerberus Agency in New Orleans as among the best, based on their ranking criteria.

“We’re happy to be named one of New Orleans’ best digital marketing agencies and one of New Orleans’ best digital agencies for 2019,” said Emily Bonura, Account/Digital Support , Cerberus.  “We’re proud of our agency, and thankful to our clients for trusting us to help build their brands,” Bonura added.

Earlier this year, Cerberus was recognized as a Top Branding Agency and Food Packaging Design Company by agency aggregator DesignRush for 2019.

New Clients, New Brand MarksPreview of Buffalo Nickel and Tapestry Linens logo redesigns.

August 30, 2019 @ 7:00 am

Cerberus has recently begun a rebranding effort on behalf of Tapestry, New Orleans’ premier source for event rentals. In addition to introducing the company’s new brand mark, the Cerberus team will be launching a new branded website in Q4 of 2019. Similarly, Cerberus is in the process of completely reinventing J&B Feed Store of St. Bernard. The new brand, Buffalo Nickel, will feature original gifts, home decor, and general store merchandise. The company’s newly branded website and social media channels are set to launch later this year.

Depano Judges Florida Tourism AwardsAnneliese DePano, graphic designer at Cerberus Agency in New Orleans, LA

August 15, 2019 @ 8:00 am

Selected for her demonstrated skills and marketing experience, as well as Cerberus’ position as an internationally recognized design and branding agency, graphic designer Anneliese Depano was recently invited to judge the 20th Annual Florida Tourism Awards competition. Florida is the number one travel destination in the world, and the Flagler Awards is the state’s premier tourism marketing competition. At the writing of this entry, Ms. Depano’s favorite goodies from her complementary gift-basket were the pepper jelly and the hibiscus tea, about which she exclaimed, “Yumm, fragrant and fruity!”

Big Fat Results Earn Cerberus Branding Honors

August 1, 2019 @ 8:00 am

Cerberus established the Big Fat Belly Good social media channels in January of 2019 and managed them for the following six months. Working in conjunction with existing brand development efforts, the social media campaign by Cerberus was responsible for increasing the number of new visitors to the website by 134%. The campaign also increased the number of orders accepted through the website by 350%, and it was responsible for increasing the Facebook audience by 40%, with over 3,500 audience engagements. During this period, Cerberus was able to increase brand awareness and sales by actively targeting consumers (including those outside of the current geographic market) that enjoyed cooking, grilling, meat, healthy alternatives, and most of all, the Cajun lifestyle.

Cerberus’ work for Big Fat Belly Good Cajun Seasoning has helped the company earn the honor of being named one of the Best Food and Beverage Agencies by TopBrandingCompanies.com.

Big Easy Rebrand Nearly CompleteNew homepage design on the Big Easy Notary updated website.

July 1, 2019 @ 8:00 am

Since first partnering with Cerberus on a modest pay-per-click search campaign, Big Easy Notary has continued to enjoy steady growth. With the new brand mark, environmental graphics design, and social media channel rebranding now complete, Cerberus will turn to helping the Northshore notarial company launch a new branded website and aligning digital ad campaign in 2020.

Pearl’s Seafood’s Big Catch

June 3, 2019 @ 8:00 am

Since taking control of Pearl’s social media channels in February of 2019, Cerberus has helped the Slidell startup increase all website traffic originating from social media by 45%, increasing menu page views by 63%. Cerberus helped grow Pearl’s Facebook audience by 71%, with 9,400 audience interactions over that time period. For a bit more perspective, the industry average reach is between 2% and 6.4%, but Pearl’s Facebook reach hit the 12% mark. For the past four months, Pearl’s Instagram page saw monthly increases well above the 6% mark, typically a measure of strong growth for the medium. The largest recorded monthly increase on our watch was 91%, and the Pearl’s Instagram page saw an increase in total audience of 256%.

Cerberus Fixes Standard Glass Brand

May 1, 2019 @ 8:00 am

For over 100 years Standard Glass set the standard for glass and mirror work across the greater New Orleans region, but the core branding elements were in need of a refresh. Cerberus was excited to get the call to help a new generation of local leadership rebrand the company. Cerberus developed a new brand mark, identity package, and dynamic, search engine-optimized website launched in Q2 of 2019.

High Caliber Guns Rebrand Hits The TargetPrint advertising campaign designed by the artists at Cerberus Agency in New Orleans, LA.

March 5, 2019 @ 8:00 am

High Caliber in Long Beach, MS is one of the region’s most knowledgeable firearms resellers. With plans to open a shooting range by 2020, the company turned to Cerberus to advise them on a complete, systemic rebranding effort. Rebranded as High Caliber Guns in Q1 of 2019, the pawn and gun store worked with Cerberus to introduce a new brand mark / collateral, inventory access website, print / billboard advertising campaign, and a complete line of High Caliber merchandise for sale on-premises.

Emily Bonura Joins CerberusEmily Bonura

March 1, 2019 @ 8:00 am

Joining Cerberus in 2018 as assistant traffic coordinator, today Emily Bonura contributes as a member of the agency’s account support staff and social media team. Ms. Bonura works to support the seamless coordination of intellectual assets agency wide, assisting key account service personnel in the implementation of work plans that deliver marketing solutions in the most efficient manner possible for all Cerberus clients. Emily also contributes by supporting the agency’s Digital Media Specialist, providing social media ideation and implementation for Big Fat Belly Good Cajun Seasoning and Pearl’s Seafood Restaurant and Market.

Big Belly Good Ad CampaignBig Fat Belly Good bus shelter poster design.

February 27, 2019 @ 8:00 am

Cerberus was pleased to launch its new advertising campaign for Big Fat Belly Good Cajun Seasoning with multiple billboards and bus shelter signage locations throughout the metro New Orleans area.

Outdoor campaign ad variations for Big Fat Belly Good Cajun Seasoning blend.

Big Fat Belly Good outdoor campaign ads.

Out of home advertising campaign for Big Fat Belly Good, developed by Cerberus Agency of New Orleans.

Northshore Notary RebrandedBig Easy Notary storefront window dressing in Covington, LA

February 26, 2019 @ 8:00 am

Big Easy Notary is currently working with Cerberus to conduct a complete company rebranding process. With the brand mark and store dressing projects now complete, our team will turn to helping the Northshore notary launch a new website and advertising campaign later in 2019. Stay tuned for more branding worth loving.

Cerberus ranked #618 in 2018

December 4, 2018 @ 8:00 am

Clutch announced their top 1000 ranked B2B companies in the world based on: number and quality of client reviews; clients served, work portfolio, and brand reputation / visibility in their respective geographic market. The global research, ratings, and review company awarded Cerberus the 618th position, with the only other New Orleans marketing firm to make the list landing in the 978th position.

The new and exclusive honor for B2B services firms in 2018 recognizes the companies that have gone above and beyond for their clients. “These 1000 firms demonstrated an exceptional ability to deliver quality products and services for their clients,” Clutch Senior Business Analyst DJ Fajana said. “It’s our honor to welcome them into The Clutch 1000 and highlight their superior commitment to their clients.” Mr. Fajana may have also said, “Cerberus is fo’ shizzle the best branding and marketing firm in New Orleans, my nizzles.” But we can’t confirm that.

Cerberus was highlighted throughout 2018 as a 5-star rated branding, marketing, and advertising company, but now the firm is being recognized as a top overall digital agency in New Orleans. Our Clutch profile has also paved the way to being recognized by The Manifest, which compiles shortlists of top-performing agencies from around the world. We are pleased with the exposure and thank our wonderful clients for their continued support.

WorkBoat Show WelcomeTo help welcome maritime industry professionals to the 2018 International WorkBoat Show in New Orleans, Karl Senner tasked Cerberus with the design of this email announcement and printed invitation to their customer appreciation party.

November 19, 2018 @ 8:00 am

To help welcome maritime industry professionals to the 2018 International WorkBoat Show in New Orleans, Karl Senner tasked Cerberus with the design of this email announcement and printed invitation to their customer appreciation party. Cerberus also created a full-page print ad for the December issue of WorkBoat Magazine that has been widely recognized by leading industry websites such as Ads Of The World, We Love Ad, and Best Ads On TV, among others.

Anneliese DePano, Graphic DesignerAnneliese DePano, graphic designer at Cerberus Agency in New Orleans, LA

October 24, 2018 @ 8:15 am

Having joined the creative team at Cerberus in 2018 as a graphic designer, Anneliese DePano has proven to be a key contributor on advertising and design projects for a diverse list of agency clients including Big Easy Notary, Big Fat Belly Good Cajun Seasoning, First National Bankers Bank, and Pearl’s Seafood Market and Restaurant. Anneliese is an accomplished illustrator with a demonstrated proficiency in both computer and traditional forms. A graduate of Loyola University in New Orleans, Ms. DePano earned her B.A. in Graphic Design in 2015.

Cerberus Launches Sports Apparel Brand

October 17, 2018 @ 8:00 am

Just in time for the 2018 NBA Playoffs, Cerberus helped to launch New Orleans’ own sports apparel brand, Hoop Dat Ball. Under strict budgetary and time constrains, the agency’s initial efforts for the fledgling company included the development of a completely original brand mark and four t-shirt designs with accompanying merchandise hang tags. Cerberus also conceived and designed company sales sheets and built and launched a SEO-optimized e-commerce website. Unfortunately, the Pelicans got ousted in the second round of the playoffs by the eventual NBA champs, the Golden State Warriors.

The Cerberus 7: Our New ClientsThe Cerberus logo with 7 tally marks in chalk

October 1, 2018 @ 8:00 am

In the agency’s 10 years in business, there’s never been a time that we’ve added so many new clients to the Cerberus family. In the 6 months leading up to September 2018, we have been pleased to welcome a legend among New Orleans glass companies, a global leader in the commercial marine propulsion industry, one of the most innovative local startups, a financial institution with multi-state reach headquartered in Baton Rouge, and three emerging companies that we can’t wait to help grow. Suffice it to say, Cerberus has been extremely busy.

Prior to the start of 2019, the Cerberus team is looking forward to launching a completely rebranded website for Standard Glass. We’ve just started the planning process for the worldwide marine propulsion specialist, Karl Senner. And next time you drive through Lakeview, be on the lookout for our branding work on behalf of Rebirth Cryotherapy. Cerberus’ designs for First National Bankers Bank have recently appeared in print and as direct mail pieces distributed in markets across the Southeastern U.S. We also just launched new relationships with Duct Saddle (web development), Value Storage (branding) in Hammond, and a (yet to be rebranded) wedding and events planner in New Orleans. Phew!

Big Fat Belly Good Keeps On Truckin’

September 24, 2018 @ 9:07 am

Cerberus is pleased to announce our latest brand development project on behalf of the emerging New Orleans Cajun spice brand, Big Fat Belly Good. Our team’s vehicle design features both the ‘Original’ and ‘Hot’ renditions of Mr. Gene Lupo’s famous Louisiana spice recipes. So if you see the Big Fat Belly Good truck out on the road, go ahead and tell Mr. Gene what you think of his truck. And don’t forget to ask him for a few sample packs so you can try Big Fat Belly Good yourself.

Cerberus Tops List of New Orleans Ad Agencies

September 12, 2018 @ 8:41 am

We are excited to share that we are ranked first on Clutch’s directory of advertising agencies in New Orleans and maintain a perfect 5 star rating on the platform, a direct result of our verified client reviews. In addition to client interviews, Clutch uses data-driven market research to fairly evaluate and rank service providers. Not only does their platform help inform buying and hiring decisions, it helps us find ways to improve as an agency.

Not only were we recognized by Clutch, we have been featured as the top branding Agency in New Orleans by their sister-site, The Manifest. We were highlighted for both our outstanding work as a branding agency as well as for a notable project we completed for a DMV services provider.

We are proud of the industry recognition we have received for both our branding and our advertising efforts. We strive to be a valuable and multi-talented partner for our clients, and we are happy to be commended for our efforts. And better yet, some of our clients were so kind as to share their experiences of working with us. One client said, “The team works together and communicates to get you the product that you need. I couldn’t be more impressed with them.” Check out our Clutch profile to see what else our clients have to say about us.

At Cerberus we fully grasp the importance of branding and image. Our team takes pride in its work, and we have a passion for building meaningful and unique connections between brands and people. Thank you to all our valued clients for your support, we can’t wait to see what the future holds. Here’s to our continued pursuit of excellence and Branding Worth Loving.

A Cajun Brand Worth LovingCerberus designed packaging for Big Fat Belly Good Cajun Seasoning

August 8, 2018 @ 8:50 am

Working with Lupo’s Spice Company, Cerberus helped to create the Big Fat Belly Good Cajun Seasoning brand from scratch. Formerly Gene’s Special Blend, the new brand was built as a fun, flavorful alternative to the big, boring brands and small, cheap (loaded with salt) Cajun seasonings on the market today.

Cerberus began early in 2018 by conducting market research that included a competitive set analysis of more than 20 on-shelf grocery brands in order to help name the new brand. Next, our team recommended the inclusion of a ‘Hot’ variation to accompany Big Fat Belly Good ‘Original’ and worked to help perfect the mix.

In addition to creating a completely original brand mark and packaging designs, Cerberus also launched a new branded e-commerce website: www.bigfatbellygood.com. In the fall of 2018, Cerberus will help the brand launch a new vehicle dressing design and advertising campaign to drive grocery purchases.

Cerberus Joins ClutchClients say we deliver on Clutch

May 30, 2018 @ 9:00 am

Because Cerberus continually works to deliver Branding Worth Loving, we are pleased to share the news that Cerberus has joined with Clutch, a Washington D.C. based ratings and reviews firm that provides unbiased, client-verified online reviews and feedback.

In addition to ranking number one in the Clutch research directories and leaders’ matrices in the category of New Orleans Ad and Marketing Agencies Cerberus also holds a perfect 5-star rating. Our featured profile on Clutch provides important information regarding our agency, as well as client reviews and feedback that we use to improve agency service offerings.

One valued client is quoted as saying, “Cerberus consistently leverages first-rate content to boost our position in the market. We’ve had a significant increase in business since our projects with them started. Their advertising generates incredibly positive feedback; the radio and billboard campaigns have been particularly successful…we’re thrilled with their work.”

Another contributor to the Cerberus profile adds, “Their ad campaigns are always gorgeous and they’re really easy to work with. I’ve sent several people to them…they can work with any client. Be it a multi-million dollar project or a small company like mine, they really make you feel supported. I think that is the best part.”

For more information on Clutch, visit Clutch.co.

Pearl’s Seafood BrandingHomepage of newly launched website for Pearl's Seafood Market and Restaurant

May 25, 2018 @ 1:36 pm

Cerberus recently launched a completely new brand for Pearl’s Seafood Market and Restaurant in Slidell, LA. Working with artist Tim DiVincenti, our team helped to refine the brand mark and finalize brand standards. The branding effort also included the design of interior and exterior environmental graphics and signage, a line of men’s and women’s t-shirts, as well as a dynamic SEO-optimized website and online citation management program.

Cerberus created a mobile optimized website for Pearl's Seafood Market and Restaurant in Slidell

Thibodaux Joins Cerberus

May 14, 2018 @ 8:00 am

As the agency’s ranking Digital Media Specialist, Ray Thibodaux works with agency leaders to help establish web development, digital advertising, and SEO efforts on behalf of a varied list of Cerberus clients that include Palazzo Law Firm, Big Easy Notary, Diversified Energy, Energetic Armaments, and Hoop Dat Ball, among others. Ray also brings his expertise and more than eight years’ experience in design and photography to Cerberus. Prior to joining the firm in August of 2017, he was responsible for a host of similar duties at Hoffman Miller Advertising of New Orleans.

Lürzer’s Archive Recognizes CerberusLürzer's Archive Issue 2/2018

May 3, 2018 @ 3:00 pm

Cerberus was recently honored by having its branding campaign for Bayou Adventure in Lacombe, LA published in Lürzer’s Archive Issue 2/2018.

Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, the bi-monthly magazine for the advertising industry features ad campaigns from around the world. The internationally distributed publication has a circulation of about 40,000 and is widely regarded as one of the foremost advertising magazines in the world.

As a point of reference, the last (and only) time a New Orleans agency was published in the pages of Archive was 27 years ago. The 1991 print campaign for Louisiana Seafood was created by Bauerlein, an agency that, though long gone today, at the time was Louisiana’s oldest and one of its most respected firms.

Maki Named Account ExecutiveJonathan Maki joins Cerberus team.

April 27, 2018 @ 2:00 pm

In his new role as Account Executive, Jonathan brings years of brand development and marketing experience to Cerberus. Mr. Maki provides counsel and strategic guidance for a list of agency clients that includes AutomotiveTouchup, Diversified Energy, Big Fat Belly Good Cajun Seasoning, Meplat Group, and Pearl’s Seafood Market & Restaurant.

Before joining Cerberus in March of 2018, Jonathan held the position of Director of Marketing and Brand Development for SWEGS Healthy Kitchen. Prior to joining SWEGS, he worked with a broad cross-section of clients ranging from funded entrepreneurial start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. He completed his MBA with a focus in digital media management in 2009, and holds a BBA in Marketing from The University of Mississippi.

Meplat Group Makes Noise

April 3, 2018 @ 1:54 pm

When one of the largest silencer dealers in the country came to Cerberus looking to promote their brand in state, we recommended an initial three-month print and online media schedule in Louisiana Sportsman, along with the addition of these new branding elements to the company website. Meplat Group, pronounced May-pl·ah, provides hunters with attorney-drafted trusts, live scan digital fingerprinting, and a massive inventory of top suppressors at affordable prices.

Skunky LCI Ad

March 21, 2018 @ 12:17 pm

What’s that smell? It’s Cerberus’ first outdoor board in our long-running campaign for LCI Workers’ Comp. Also dropping this February and March in industry, general business, and consumer publications across the state are the equally skunky LCI print ads. Special thanks to Red Barn Farm Tour and to the always-fresh-as-a-daisy Michael Terranova for helping us capture some truly killer pics. For those wondering if the skunk is still with us, we’re happy to report that he simply got distracted and wandered off.

Outdoor board design for the LCI Workers Comp Put Us To Work For You Campaign

LCI Petting Zoo Ad Put Us To Work For You campaign

Solutions in a Box

March 16, 2018 @ 1:45 pm

Working with Southern Medical Association (SMA), Cerberus designed this gloss black foil stamped box with a black Neenah folding board insert to be shared with more than 250 key prospects across the Southeastern U.S. The multi-piece box provides information regarding the company’s HR services, wealth management, risk management, patient care, and retirement solutions.

View more images of the multi-piece box here.

Mardi Gras Mailer

February 13, 2018 @ 5:35 pm

Just in time for Fat Tuesday, Cerberus’ Mardi Gras mailer was featured in an article titled Cerberus Nails the Mardi Gras Scene with Delicious Creativity on the global marketing and creative industry network site, Adforum.com.

See more photos of the mailer here.

Super Bowl LII Interview

January 31, 2018 @ 7:20 am

Justin Bonura, Partner/Creative Director was recently interviewed by AdForum as part of their Super Bowl coverage.

Read the full interview here.

LCI Shrinks Rates and Bad Guy

January 29, 2018 @ 7:17 pm

The latest ad in New Orleans marketing firm Cerberus’ Heroes campaign uses the space hero genre to help LCI Workers’ Comp announce new lower rates across many of the class codes they write. Debuting in Q1 of 2018 in business-to-business publications across Louisiana, the colorful illustration offers a respite from some relatively dull insurance industry content. Special thanks to Marvel and DC Comics artist Derec Donovan for introducing the villain Phobos, whose plan to shrink business owners is foiled thanks to some quick thinking by LCI.

‘Gator Wrestling’ Ad Doesn’t Bite

November 2, 2017 @ 3:50 pm

Keep an eye out in the tall grass for our latest full- and half-page ads in LCI’s longstanding Put Us To Work For You campaign. This particularly toothy flavor of Branding Worth Loving debuts in industry, general business, and consumer publications – in print and online – across the state this November. As always, we’d like to extend a special thank you to Michael Terranova Photography, our great client LCI, and all of the photo shoot participants who made the sunny day at Insta-gator Ranch and Hatchery such a swampy good time.

Cerberus’ Put Us To Work For You branding campaign for LCI Workers’ Comp - Gator Egg Ad

Scary Good Workers Comp

October 4, 2017 @ 5:39 pm

Just in time for Halloween, Cerberus created its Horror Comics ad for LCI Workers’ Comp. Part of LCI’s Heroes campaign, this full-page print ad casts the LCI agent as a vampire killer armed with a wooden stake. The business-to-business ad co-stars the Mummy, Werewolf, and an unearthed zombie corpse, Dead Fred. Special thanks to Marvel and DC Comics artist Derec Donovan for helping Cerberus bringing the ghoulish crew to life in this ad now appearing in agent pubs all across Louisiana.

Hibachi-style Ads / Steak-To-The-Face Marketing

September 13, 2017 @ 11:45 am

The latest full- and half-page ads in Cerberus’ Put Us To Work For You branding campaign for LCI Workers’ Comp. The two ads, Fireball and Hibachi Pancake Breakfast, debuted in industry and general business publications across the state of Louisiana this July. Special thanks to our great client Mark Tullis and the entire LCI team, Michael Terranova Photography, Ikura Hibachi and Sushi, and all of the talented participants who helped make this another Branding Worth Loving success story.

LCI Hibachi Ad Put Us To Work For You campaign

LCI Hibachi Ad Put Us To Work For You campaign

Cerberus Judges Tourism Awards, TwiceCreated for Cerberus social media / Facebook page; this illustration is used to represent the advertising agency / marketing firm in New Orleans, Cerberus.

August 3, 2017 @ 11:30 am

The Flagler Awards is Florida’s premier tourism marketing competition, first established in 1999. For the second year in a row, the Flagler Awards tapped a Cerberus creative director and agency partner to judge the show. Rocky Russo was chosen this year for his outstanding creative reputation, experience, and key contributions to tourism industry clients like the New Orleans CVB and Convention Center, as well as his leadership role in creating the city’s winning bid to host Super Bowl XLVII. Regarding his role as judge in the 2017 competition, Russo said, “It was an honor to be selected to participate in one of the nation’s most prestigious tourism and marketing competitions, and I offer my sincere congratulations to all of this year’s winners.”

Wild West Showdown / LCI Lassos Black Bart

July 22, 2017 @ 9:38 am

The latest ad in LCI’s Heroes campaign launched this July in B2B publications across Louisiana. The campaign casts LCI agents as the heroes in a series of illustrated comic book storylines. The Cerberus team worked with Derec Donovan, of Marvel and DC Comics acclaim, to create the on-going series of ads for the New Orleans-based workers’ comp insurer. This latest Western-themed ad rounds out a trio that to date has included the genres of Martial Arts and Space-Age comics.

Web designers, website designers, and web agencies in New Orleans ad agencies don't offer the websites or web development solutions that Cerberus offers.

Biz New Orleans Features Cerberus

July 20, 2017 @ 4:40 pm

Cerberus was featured in Leslie’s List, a mainstay of Biz New Orleans’ digital issue by local journalist Leslie Snadowsky. Here are a just a few of the article’s highlights:

Mark Tullis said after the “cutting edge, crafty and intelligent” campaign launch, LCI saw consecutive monthly premium increases, received more submissions in a single month than ever before and received submissions from a record number of separate Louisiana insurance agencies. “They have a real talent for capturing attention in a crowded field,” Tullis said of Cerberus. “When people find out I work for LCI they say ‘I love your ads.’ We don’t hear that a lot in our industry.”

With New Orleans’ original craft soda Fest, Cerberus exercised its expertise in brand leverage making the small soda brand pop and compete against bigger brands that have been around for years. “We worked together on building the whole brand from the ground up,” said Fest Cola founder Roy Nelson. “Cerberus is good at working outside the box, finding creative solutions with a tight budget,” said Nelson.

Read the entire Biz New Orleans article, ‘The Three Heads of Cerberus’ by Leslie Snadowsky, here.


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Lürzer’s Archive Recognizes Orleans Coffee & Fest Packaging

June 5, 2017 @ 4:34 pm

Archive’s Top 200 Packaging Designs 17/18 is set to be published later this summer, and Cerberus just received notice that its packaging designs for the Orleans Coffee line and its 4-Pak carrier designs for Fest Cola will appear in the issue.

For each Top 200 publication, Archive enlists the help of experts in the field. Jury members included Bruce Duckworth of well-known CI company Turner Duckworth, who design iconic visual identities and packaging for consumer brands and have studios in San Francisco and London. Another juror of note is Christoph Häberle, Professor at the Hochschule der Medien (Media Academy) in Stuttgart, who teaches design and communication with a special focus on packaging design and marketing.

This marks the second issue in a row that Cerberus’ work has been recognized by the prestigious publication. Archive’s 2015/16 Top 200 Packaging Designs issue featured Cerberus’ Fest Cola bottle designs and Super Bowl XLVII bid box.
Cerberus' advertising, design, and web development work can be seen on Lürzer's Int'l Archive's website.

Baryshnikov & Travolta Ads

May 2, 2017 @ 6:07 pm

Our latest full- and half-page advertisements in the highly successful Put Us To Work For You campaign for LCI Workers’ Comp just debuted statewide. Special thanks to Michael Terranova Photography, Allison’s Innovative Dance Academy, and all of the photo shoot participants who made the three-hour session a success.

LCI Workers' Comp Advertising Campaign Print Ad

Attack of the Space Sucker!

April 25, 2017 @ 6:22 pm

Introducing the first ad in a new campaign for LCI Workers’ Comp, titled Attack Of The Space Sucker! The series of colorfully illustrated stories are built around the theme of LCI’s heroic exploits as Louisiana’s leading Self Insurers Fund. The campaign is set to run against the business-to-business market in industry pubs across the state throughout 2017.

LCI Workers' Comp Agents Advertising Campaign 'Space Monster' Print Ad

Cerberus Print Ad Shines Worldwide

March 23, 2017 @ 2:01 pm

‘Mike’s Tattoos’ by Cerberus Agency for LCI Workers’ Comp was just ranked as one of the Top Print Ads Of The Week by Best Ads on TV. Special thanks to Justine Armour, group creative director at 72andSunny in New York for the selection. View the entire campaign here.

LCI Workers' Comp Print Advertising Ad - Shot at Eye Candy Tattoo

Blowtorched Wiener by Cerberus

November 30, 2016 @ 7:17 am

Check out our latest full- and half-page ads in Cerberus’ longstanding and highly successful Put Us To Work For You campaign for LCI Workers’ Comp. To read the whole LCI story, please view our case study. What’s better than a roasted wiener for lunch? Our guess would be a blowtorched wiener.

LCI Workers' Comp Advertising Campaign Print Ad shot at New Orleans welding company.

Cerberus & New Orleans Airport Team Up

November 25, 2016 @ 7:07 am

Cerberus was pleased to work with the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport and Choice Aire, a public charter company headquartered in Miami. The agency was tasked with the creation of this multimedia advertising campaign to introduce the airline’s direct flights from New Orleans to San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Working closely with the airport’s Kristina Bennett-Holmes and Keely Herrington, the Cerberus team coordinated the campaign’s media planning, placement, and reporting, and produced all creative materials, including TV and radio spots, a print and poster campaign, and a bilingual Google AdWords effort. According to Choice Aire, the campaign has been regarded a success by every measure. Quarterly Agency Review

New Branding Work for Event Producers

October 9, 2016 @ 7:03 am

As the agency of record for Event Producers, Cerberus worked to completely rebrand the New Orleans based production company. Agency efforts have included a new brand mark and identity set, comprehensive sales kit, and optimized website released February of 2017.

Essence Fest for Event Producers Website Design and Web Development by Cerberus Agency, a full service marketing, advertising, web development and design firm in New Orleans.

Introducing ‘Blaze’ from Fest Cola

September 19, 2016 @ 6:58 am

Introducing Fest Cola’s new Southern Peach Ginger Ale, a.k.a. “Blaze.” Nicknamed for the scandalous ginger-haired Bourbon St. burlesque artist Blaze Starr, this is one racy southern peach no one can resist—especially governor Earl Long. Cerberus worked with Fest Cola owner Roy Nelson to refine the beverage’s color, packaging design, and name. Blaze is one of our most delicious projects to date.

Fest Cola advertising campaign and branded logo and packaging design by Cerberus Agency in New Orleans.

Diversified Energy Branding Additions

August 16, 2016 @ 7:16 am

Our latest brand development work for Diversified Energy includes a new outdoor advertisement, sales kit, brochure, and vehicle designs. Check out the full portfolio of work here. Quarterly Agency Review

Diversified Energy Billboard by Cerberus, a full-service design, marketing, and web development company in New Orleans.

Kastrack Sales Kit & Logo Projects

August 3, 2016 @ 7:04 am

After sharing our new Kastrack sales kit with people, the first thing we typically hear is, What the hell is Kastrack? Quickly followed by something like, Wow, this is really nice. Quarterly Agency Review

KAStrack Sales Kit Inserts

Cerberus Welcomes Yuengling To New Orleans

July 12, 2016 @ 7:01 am

Excited to hear that America’s oldest brewery, Yuengling, was finally coming to New Orleans, we created this fictitious (spec) campaign to help share the news via social media. As a result, Cerberus’ LinkedIn and Facebook pages got plenty of likes and new followers. The spec ads were also featured content on industry websites and blogs, including AdStasher.com and Adland.tv. Quarterly Agency Review

Yuengling Spec Bus Shelter Advertising Campaign Ad in New Orleans by Cerberus Agency in New Orleans.

Cerberus Judges Florida Awards Show

April 6, 2016 @ 7:05 am

Creative director and agency partner Justin Bonura was recently invited to judge the 2016 Florida Tourism Awards. Florida is the number one travel destination in the world, and the Flagler Awards is the state’s premier tourism marketing competition first established in 1999. The presentation ceremony will take place on the opening night of the annual Florida Governor’s Conference on Tourism to be held September 7-9 at the Hilton Orlando.

Selected for his extensive hospitality marketing experience, as well as Cerberus’ work on behalf of the New Orleans CVB, Convention Center, and the city’s winning bid to host Super Bowl XLVII, Mr. Bonura said, “The entries were a combination of national marketing campaigns from powerhouse agencies and public relations firms, as well as smaller, local tourism efforts from across Florida.” He added, “The best work was comprised of great design projects, multi-tiered public relations and advertising programs, and simple executions driven by brilliant ideas. At the writing of this entry, Mr. Bonura’s favorite goodies from his free gift-basket were the jalapeño popcorn and chocolate fudge sauce. Quarterly Agency Review


Tail Waggin’ LCI Ads

March 27, 2016 @ 7:02 am

The dog days of summer left everyone overheated as we sweated it out in Rivertown in late July. Ever the consummate pro, Mike Terranova seemed to be in his element as he shot Cerberus’ latest LCI Workers’ Comp ads in the Put Us To Work For You campaign. Special thanks goes to our great cast members, and the humans who held their leashes. Everyone played nicely together and no one got overly familiar. Even when forced to wear a pink tutu, Mack the pit bull was a very good boy. Quarterly Agency Review

LCI Workers' Comp Print Advertising Ad - Shot in Kenner's Rivertown.

Cerberus Launches New Diversified Energy Website

March 13, 2016 @ 7:00 am

Diversified Energy is the Gulf South’s leading provider of integrated energy solutions, from spray foam insulation and HVAC services to advanced residential and commercial diagnostics. And now, thanks to Cerberus, they look the part. In the midst of a major brand overhaul, the newly rebranded DE website was recently launched in June, with plans to unveil new vehicle designs, collateral material, and a multi-execution online and print campaign during Q4 of 2016. Quarterly Agency Review

Diversified Energy Website by Cerberus, a full-service design, marketing, and web development company in New Orleans.

Diversified Energy Branding Materials

February 24, 2016 @ 7:12 am

New branding elements designed by Cerberus for Diversified Energy were recently unveiled at the 2016 New Orleans Home & Garden Show 2016. The new booth and associated branding materials were a crowd favorite and drew heavy interest throughout the event. The insulated bag that Cerberus designed also enjoyed widespread appeal and drew critical acclaim, being named Best Bag of the expo. Yes, there really is such a thing. Quarterly Agency Review

Diversified Energy Brochure and collateral package by Cerberus, a full-service design, marketing, and web development company in New Orleans.



Orleans Coffee Packaging Designs

February 16, 2016 @ 7:08 am

For thirty years, Orleans Coffee has consistently delivered exceptional coffees every bit as interesting as the city that inspired their name. Working closely with a small, proficient team of importers and producers to responsibly source their coffees, the local roastery takes the time to understand the unique nature of each bean. And now they have new packaging and vehicle designs on par with their excellent coffees. Quarterly Agency Review

Orleans Coffee packaging, logo design, and brand development work by Cerberus Agency, a full service marketing, advertising, web development and design firm in New Orleans.

Orleans Coffee Vehicle Design


Vineyard Ad For LCI Workers’ Comp

January 22, 2016 @ 7:03 am

A special thank you to everyone at Pontchartrain Vineyards in Bush, LA for helping to provide the perfect setting for our latest ad in the Put Us To Work For You Campaign for LCI Workers’ Comp. Having first appeared this April, the vineyard ad kicks off the third year of the campaign, which recently earned a gold award in the 2016 American Advertising Awards ceremony held in New Orleans. Quarterly Agency Review

Introducing Cerberus

January 3, 2016 @ 7:00 am

As of 01/01/16, the agency formerly known as CPR and Partners has officially changed its name to Cerberus. View and share the new company website here. Key agency leadership remains intact, with the addition of James Vavak who will be handling duties as account executive. Sarah Munson-Levy has also joined the Cerberus media team along with recent Tulane University graduate Madeline Gosz who will be assisting with agency account service and media functions. Please send all agency inquiries or comments to info@cerberus.agency. Quarterly Agency Review

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