Cerberus was featured in Leslie’s List, a mainstay of Biz New Orleans’ digital issue by local journalist Leslie Snadowsky. Here are a just a few of the article’s highlights:

Mark Tullis said after the “cutting edge, crafty and intelligent” campaign launch, LCI saw consecutive monthly premium increases, received more submissions in a single month than ever before and received submissions from a record number of separate Louisiana insurance agencies. “They have a real talent for capturing attention in a crowded field,” Tullis said of Cerberus. “When people find out I work for LCI they say ‘I love your ads.’ We don’t hear that a lot in our industry.”

With New Orleans’ original craft soda Fest, Cerberus exercised its expertise in brand leverage making the small soda brand pop and compete against bigger brands that have been around for years. “We worked together on building the whole brand from the ground up,” said Fest Cola founder Roy Nelson. “Cerberus is good at working outside the box, finding creative solutions with a tight budget,” said Nelson.

Read the entire Biz New Orleans article, ‘The Three Heads of Cerberus’ by Leslie Snadowsky, here.


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