Archive’s Top 200 Packaging Designs 17/18 is set to be published later this summer, and Cerberus just received notice that its packaging designs for the Orleans Coffee line and its 4-Pak carrier designs for Fest Cola will appear in the issue.

For each Top 200 publication, Archive enlists the help of experts in the field. Jury members included Bruce Duckworth of well-known CI company Turner Duckworth, who design iconic visual identities and packaging for consumer brands and have studios in San Francisco and London. Another juror of note is Christoph Häberle, Professor at the Hochschule der Medien (Media Academy) in Stuttgart, who teaches design and communication with a special focus on packaging design and marketing.

This marks the second issue in a row that Cerberus’ work has been recognized by the prestigious publication. Archive’s 2015/16 Top 200 Packaging Designs issue featured Cerberus’ Fest Cola bottle designs and Super Bowl XLVII bid box.
Cerberus' advertising, design, and web development work can be seen on Lürzer's Int'l Archive's website.