Integrated marketing is commonly defined as a strategic marketing process designed to ensure that all messaging and communications strategies are unified across all channels and are centered around the customer. In simplest terms, it’s branding of the highest caliber—or as Cerberus practices it, Branding Worth Loving.

Cerberus identifies and prioritizes potential audiences, creates custom messaging across multi- or omni-channels, and carefully evaluates the performance of these efforts adjusting as necessary to minimize waste and to ultimately earn maximum ROI for its clients. Weaving together multiple marketing efforts (traditional advertising, digital advertising, paid search, and PR/social media), our particular brand of integrated marketing attains the communications goals of the brand’s development at a very high rate of success.

Most clients understand that their marketing messages need to be unified across all channels, centered around the customer or prospect as the principles of integrated marketing dictate, but few agencies have the creative firepower to create a brand voice that achieves consistency across multiple channels. Even fewer New Orleans advertising agencies understand the disciplined process that works to identify key psychographic profiles and create powerful messaging that resonates with key targets. Some may call this practice integrated marketing, but Cerberus defines these coordinated processes as Branding Worth Loving.

Integrated Marketing Campaign, Albasha Metairie