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High Caliber Guns

High Caliber in Long Beach, MS is one of the region’s most knowledgeable firearms resellers. With plans to open a shooting range by 2020, the company turned to Cerberus to advise them on a complete, systemic rebranding effort. Rebranded as High Caliber Guns in Q1 of 2019, the pawn and gun store worked with Cerberus to introduce a new brand mark / collateral, inventory access website, print / billboard advertising campaign, and a complete line of High Caliber merchandise for sale on-premises.

High Caliber Guns new logo design.

New SEO optimized website developed by Cerberus in New Orleans, LA.

High Caliber Guns website with newly implemented inventory search capabilities.

Mobile friendly website design by Cerberus.

Branded merchandise bag for High Caliber Guns in Long Beach.

T-shirt designs for High Caliber Guns, from Cerberus.

Monogram work shirt design by Cerberus

Out of home campaign including newly branded billboard designs for High Caliber Guns in Mississippi.

Cerberus' latest billboard design in the High Caliber outdoor campaign.

Print advertising campaign designed by the artists at Cerberus Agency in New Orleans, LA.

Print ad with new branding designed by Cerberus Agency.

Print advertising campaign designed by Cerberus.

Print ad for High Caliber Guns in Mississippi.