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As the largest healthcare network in the region, Ochsner consistently ranks among the best in the nation. Partnering with the stellar health system, Cerberus was tasked with the design and production of the 2012 system-wide Annual Report. Our team is extremely for the opportunity, and especially proud of our efforts, to help bring the important news of Ochsner’s groundbreaking medical procedures to the world.

Ochsner 2012 Annual ReportOchsner 2012 Annual ReportOchsner 2012 Annual ReportOchsner PhotographyOchsner 2012 Annual ReportOchsner Photography
Ochsner 2012 Annual Report
Ochsner Photographyochsner-2012-annual-report-top-3-spread-detail-webOchsner Photographyochsner-2012-annual-report-financial-spread-detail-webOchsner PhotographyOchsner 2012 Annual Reportochsner-2012-annual-report-first-nation-spread-detail-webOchsner Photographyochsner-2012-annual-report-any-location-spread-detail-web
ochsner-2012-annual-report-next-generation-spread-detail-webOchsner 2012 Annual Report  Ochsner 2012 Annual Report