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Big Easy Notary

Since first partnering with Cerberus on a modest pay-per-click search campaign, Big Easy Notary has continued to enjoy steady growth. With the new brand mark, environmental graphics design, and social media channel rebranding now complete, Cerberus will turn to helping the Northshore notarial company launch a new branded website and aligning digital ad campaign in 2020.

Big Easy Notary logo - As easy as it gets.
New homepage design on the Big Easy Notary updated website.
Cerberus launched a new website design for Big Easy Notary in 2019.
Mobile friendly responsive website design by Cerberus Agency.
Driver holding registration sleeve from Big Easy Notary in Mandeville. Designed by Cerberus Agency.
Rack card design for Northshore notarial company.
Window dressing applied to windows at Big Easy Notary in Covington.
Exterior signage design for Big Easy Notary.