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Superbowl XLVII Case Study


Our team was selected to help prepare the city’s bid to bring Super Bowl XLVII to New Orleans. To win in the final round, the bid would need to outshine proposals from Miami and Phoenix at a meeting of more than 32 NFL team owners.


First, a themed logo was created to convey the fact that New Orleans had already hosted the Super Bowl nine times—and hosting it again in 2013 would amount to a “Perfect Ten.” Next, the YA/YAs (Young Aspirations/Young Artists) were contracted by CPR + Partners to create original cover art for every NFL team, as well as New Orleans inspired illustrations to be used on binder covers and pages throughout. Local artists and craftspeople were commissioned to finish the final bid box designs. For example, each custom box was crafted from real Louisiana cypress, and the brass plates on every individual piece were salvaged from a shipyard on the lower Mississippi River.


According to reports from observers who attended the meeting, New Orleans’ bid blew Miami and Phoenix right out of the water. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said that the bid “set the bar” for these types of presentations in the future. Financial experts estimate the economic impact of hosting Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans at between $400 and $500 million in revenue for our state. The Super Bowl XLVII bid also won two gold American Advertising Federation awards and a special Bring Back NOLA award in the New Orleans competition.